What Is Glamping Camping-Everything About Luxury Camping In South Africa

What is glamping camping? What’s the point of living in a high-end tent? Why can’t we simply book a five-star hotel?

Well, these are some common questions people ask whenever they learn about glamping. However, it’s very different than a hotel.

Glamping is basically glamorous camping, which means you will be surrounded by nature and stunning views, but with a better and more comfortable experience.

So, if you want to ditch that uncomfortable sleeping bag and forage the firewood, this article has all the information you need to kickstart your glamorous experience!

What Is Glamping Camping?

As already mentioned, it’s a combination of glamorous and camping, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say everything is luxurious.

Rather than being rough and tough in the sleeping bag with minimal to zero amenities, you will have all the luxuries you need to have a comfortable experience.

Honestly, there is no measure of simplicity or extravagance when it comes down to glamping, as it depends from person to person.

However, it usually involves a spacious place to rest as compared to cramped camps, and there are better facilities there.

In the majority of cases, the glamping sides have real beds with fluffy pillows and clean linens, along with warm blankets and comforters.

In addition, there are restrooms, kitchenettes, hot showers, and flush toilets – if you are ready to pay some more, you might even get a hot tub.

The Room Aspect

When it comes down to glamping, it’s no different from sleeping in a tent, but it’s a souped-up tent that is nothing but unique with the comforters, floor rugs, chairs, bed, running water, electricity, and heat.

While some have attached bathrooms and toilets, some might have a shared facility as it totally depends on which site you choose.

On the other hand, if you are concerned about the food, there are kitchenettes attached to the glamping sites, and some of them also have fire pits with grilling grates as well as a built-in microwave oven.

Not to forget, if you choose not to cook, there are usually on-site restaurants to fulfill your hunger, and they are actually outdoor, so you can really enjoy the mesmerizing surroundings.

Mind you, it is not because Angelina Jolie on heels is welcome to stay in a glam camp, that it is all about luxury.

The main principle still is that you can be surrounded by African nature and its surrounding sounds of mother nature, but feel comfortable at the same time.

This can have many reasons, like for example for myself, I have a bad back and I really need a bed to sleep in these days, getting old haha!:-)

If you would like some more information on glamping, please check out the video below:

Not Just Tents.

When you think of glamping, you would obviously think about canvas tents, so teepees, yurts, bell tents, and Buckminster Fuller-type geodomes could come into your mind.

But glamping also could include some more solid constructions, like treehouses, hobbit homes, or even a boat.

These can be also used all year round (because of insulation) and get you a different kind of experience, but of course, you always stay over in the middle of nature.

Top Glamping Sites In South Africa

South Africa remains one of the most beautiful and sunniest countries around the globe, with a diverse landscape that’s meant to be enjoyed.

However, there is no point in being stuck in a hotel room when you have various options to enjoy the amazing views while living in a luxurious tent.

So, if you are visiting South Africa and want to go glamping, we are sharing some best options for you!

All of these will be reviewed in-depth in a future blog post!

Chapungu Luxury Tented Camp

If you are set to visit the Big Five, it’s needless to say that it will be very dusty and hot, but there is a Thornybush Game Reserve, which is a part of Kruger National Park.

In this area, there is a luxurious glamping site, so you can rest after your adventures in the mud.

They have air-conditioned tents, and you can get pampered with the Amani spa. Also, there is some delicious wine and a three-course dinner!

Have a look to see what you can experience around this Chapungu luxurious stay:

Tanda Tula Safari Camp

This camp is located in the Greater Kruger National Park and has a collection of camps available to meet the different needs of travelers.

Some camps are designed to offer private access to the riverbed, and you will be able to see some wild dogs.

There are guided sunset walks available, and at the end of the day, you can have dinner with the best view of the plains.

Luxury Tented Village at Urban Glamping

Located in Saint Lucia, this is one of the best glamping spots out there and is known for the raised walkways that lead to the self-catering tents.

The tents are located under the canopy of trees, promising fresh views and nature as you’ve never seen before.

Every tent is designed with a big shower area, attached bathroom, and special mosquito nets to make sure there are no insects.

In fact, there is a wetland park right beside it, so you can check out some white rhinos, hippos, elephants, and leopards.

Have a look around the campsite by means of this fun amateur video:

West Coast Luxury Tents

If you want to get a hint at how sleeping at a private beach is between nature, these luxury tents will give you a nice idea.

Located between Elands Bay and Dwarskersbos, this tent location will provide you access to three different tents of choice, so you can enjoy the long strolls and witness that vibrant local birdlife.

In fact, you will be able to see some black oystercatcher, which is endangered in other parts of the world. Not to forget, there is a small private airstrip for people who come in their own private jets!

These are self-gathered though, so that means that you need to bring your own food and drinks and other needs.

Africacamps- Boutique Camping

These glamping tents are a different way of exploring the country because they all are located at local farms or reserves, and thus you can find out some more about how these farms produce your local foods and alcohol.

Families are also allowed here. What you could also do is travel from farm to farm and glamping tent to another, and if you are fond of self-driving, you can do that too.

You can basically go wherever you want to go at the time that you want to be there. Want to stay a few days? That’s fine. Longer or shorter, just passing through? Why not?

Ask the organization called Africamps how you see things and they might help you out!

My Final Conclusion.

If you ever wondered: “what is glamping camping”, I hope that you now have the answer to that question 🙂

I will expand this article in the near future and show you lot’s more clamping places, so please bookmark this website!

It seems that some places are more luxurious than the next, but for people like me, with a bad back and a bit older (lol), this càn be the answer if you don’t want to sleep on a floormat anymore or in a sleeping bag.

But still want to enjoy the views and have the experience of sleeping ‘in the wild’, which is honestly an experience you need to have if you adore Africa!

If you have any more questions on this topic, please leave a message below or join me on my social media pages or Facebook group.

I wish you happy travels!

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  1. Hi Lizzy,

    That´s awesome! Glamping sounds like it´s right up my alley. You can enjoy the wonderful breath-taking view of nature without discomfort or pain from sleeping on hard surfaces. Let’s face it some sleeping bags are not exactly soft and comfortable.

    Glamping is camping with an extravagant twist. I enjoyed the short videos. I think this could be great fun.

    • Hi Dana,

      Thank you for your positive comment and I totally agree, it is the perfect combination!

      I wish you happy travels!

      Kind regards,


  2. In the days or day when I did go camping, it certainly wasn’t glam !

    It’s amazing how camping has moved on so much and definitely for the better. 

    I’ve still yet to experience ‘glamping ‘but knowing how much more comfortable and efficient it is, whilst still enjoying the countryside and the feel of the outside world, it’s great that one can create different ‘rooms’ and almost have a home from home feel.

    Tents have become so much posher over the years  and glamping has broadened to not just the flimsy tents we’ve been so used to as children but there are so many different varieties and options and hard standing ones to stay in too.

    I shall definitely look into trying camping again for a holiday instead of always insisting on staying in a caravan !

    Thanks for sharing,


    • Hi Louise!

      For sure, as a child and a bit older, I didn’t mind just using a regular tent at all,I loved it and didn’t need much comfort. But as I got older,I am starting to enjoy some more comfort and glamping seems like a perfect way to still enjoy the feeling of being outside in nature, but laying down on a comfy bed haha!

      I wish you happy glamping!

      Kind regards,



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