The African Wildlife

What’s The Most Dangerous Animal In Africa? Is It Us, Is It The Lions, Or Is It Someting Else?

most dangerous animal in africa

Typically, when you ask ‘What’s the most dangerous animal in Africa?’, images of a lion’s mane or the shadow of a human poacher might flash in your mind. However, there’s an even more lethal killer lurking in the grasslands, forests, and villages. Is it the human, or is it the …

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19 Fun Facts On Penguins For Kids – Did Your Kid Know All This?

fun facts on penguins

Penguins are flightless marine birds that are only found naturally in the Southern Hemisphere. Unlike other birds, they have adapted fully to life in the water with features like dense bones, torpedo-like bodies, and flippers for wings. These birds are quite fascinating in how they have adapted to life in …

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The 16 Most Common African Savanna Birds For Birdwatching

African Savanna birds

An African safari is synonymous with open plains, great herds of zebra, wildebeest, and buffalo, but also African Savanna birds. From the mighty ostrich to the small bee-eater, these birds form an integral part of the African savannah and their respective ecosystems. Even though human encroachment on these birds’ habitats …

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A Top 13 Of The Most Breathtaking South African Birds.

south african birds

In the world and across Africa, South Africa and its South African birds stand out as being highly biodiverse with a very large number of bird species scattered across its climatic and environmental zones. With over 160 bird species that are endemic, the country offers wildlife enthusiasts, and bird watchers …

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