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What Is The Difference Between Camping, Overlanding And Glamping In Africa?

Camping, Overlanding, Or Glamping in Africa

Imagine you, surrounded by the vast African savannah, the starry night skies, and the raw and untamed wilderness. That’s the backdrop of my own adventures across this magnificent continent. And in this vast playground, I’ve dived into three distinct outdoor experiences: camping, overlanding, and glamping and I have experienced all …

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Staying At Seven Fountains Farm In Grahamstown In South Africa- A Review

grahamstown accommodation

I’m going to share a little secret with you: Seven Fountains Farm is a gem tucked away in South Africa’s Eastern Cape, and I had the pleasure of staying there, nestled in the quiet beauty of Grahamstown’s outskirts, these days known as “Makhanda”, in memory of the Xhosa warrior and prophet Makhanda ka …

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Piet Retief Guest House – Our Story From This Wonderful Accommodation called “From Dusk To Dawn”

our accomodation at Piet Retief in South Africa

Imagine stepping off the beaten path, far from touristic hot spots, and into a place where time seems to slow down, where the beauty of South Africa gently cradles you after a long drive from the Barberton Mountains or Kruger Park. This isn’t just about finding accommodation and a place …

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Top 13 Best Affordable Accommodation In Johannesburg

accommodation in johannesburg

Students, backpackers, and even local tourists will benefit from these accommodation options in Johannesburg when every cost counts, or when your pocket isn’t as deep as you would like. From B&BS, guest houses, and two-star rating hotels: one can get accommodation for as low as $20 a night, and at …

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Royal Natal National Park South Africa – A Piece Of Paradise On Earth

Royal Natal National Park South Africa

Ranging from forest green countryside to rocky peaks and fading yellows, Royal Natal National Park, South Africa, is truly a piece of paradise in this world. This national park is known for the red rock formations that look mesmerizing in the golden sunshine. It is nestled in the mountainous range …

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