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The 10 Most Impressive Birdwatching Places Of Kenya

birdwatching places of kenya

Kenya is considered a must-visit year-round destination for birding, and the many birdwatching places of Kenya across the country do not disappoint but deliver a diverse number of bird species. The country boasts having at least half the total number of bird species in Africa at about 1060 different bird … Read more

The 9 Best Bird Watching Places In South Africa

best bird watching places

South Africa has a diverse wildlife scene with some of the best bird watching places you can find in Africa. The country is divided into several provinces with some provinces having more diverse birdlife than others. For avid birders, and normal wildlife enthusiasts, there are many sites that offer more … Read more

Mapungubwe National Park – Insights, 9 Things To Do And Accomodation


Mapungubwe National Park is renowned for its scenic landscape, with sandstone formations, woodlands, riverine forests, and baobab trees. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, with all sorts of wildlife, and archeological wonders. The area has a long and complicated history that offers a feeling of connectedness to many … Read more

Royal Natal National Park South Africa – A Piece Of Paradise On Earth

Royal Natal National Park South Africa

Ranging from forest green countryside to rocky peaks and fading yellows, Royal Natal National Park, South Africa, is truly a piece of paradise in this world. This national park is known for the red rock formations that look mesmerizing in the golden sunshine. It is nestled in the mountainous range … Read more

Visiting West Coast National Park, South Africa? This Guide Has Everything You Need!

west coast national park south africa

A place rich with crystal clear waters, eland, wetlands, and white sand beaches; West Coast National Park South Africa, is one of the most mesmerizing places in the country that radiates color and vibrancy during the spring season. This national park is known for its amazing diversity and extremely rich … Read more

Golden Gate Highlands National Park, South Africa – Tips To Enjoy The Best Experience

golden gate highlands national park south africa

Located very close to Lesotho’s northern border, Golden Gate Highlands National Park, South Africa, is the epitome of diverse landscape and breathtaking views. Nestled in the foothills of the Maloti-Drakensberg Mountains, it’s a less popular yet amazing national park in the country. The park is known for its jaw-dropping and … Read more