birds of Africa

The Fabulous Life Of An African Grey-crowned Crane: Feathers And Frivolity

African grey crowned crane

The African Grey Crowned Crane is a strikingly beautiful bird that stands out in the wild. It goes by other names such as the Crested Crane, South African Crane, Kavirondo Crane, Eastern Crowned Crane, East African Crane and the Golden Crowned Crane. Together with the Black Crowned Crane, the African …

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7 Facts On The African Fish Eagle: Africa’s Most Iconic Raptor

facts on the african fish eagle

The African Fish eagle, just like the American bald eagle, is a bird synonymous with the African continent. The sound of its cry conjures images of rolling savannah plains full of great herds of zebras, antelopes, gazelles, and lions or cheetahs chasing after them, great rivers meandering slowly through the …

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Discovering ‘Roberts Birds of Southern Africa’: Tales From The Sky, A Book Review!

Roberts Birds of Southern Africa

“Roberts Birds of Southern Africa” is a well-known and comprehensive field guide for birdwatching in the southern African region. It’s considered one of the most authoritative references for bird identification in this area. The book is authored by Hugh Chittenden, Greg Davies, and Ingrid Weiersbye, and it’s named after Austin …

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Unveiling the Spectacular Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary: Africa’s Ornithological Wonderland

Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary

Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary in Senegal is an oasis and an important haven for Palearctic birds. To put into context just how important the sanctuary is, when birds migrate from Europe, the Sahara desert usually poses the biggest obstacle. Birds usually opt to bypass this obstacle by either going through …

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