The Fabulous Life Of An African Grey-crowned Crane: Feathers And Frivolity

African grey crowned crane

The African Grey Crowned Crane is a strikingly beautiful bird that stands out in the wild. It goes by other names such as the Crested Crane, South African Crane, Kavirondo Crane, Eastern Crowned Crane, East African Crane and the Golden Crowned Crane. Together with the Black Crowned Crane, the African …

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Do You Want Some Weed – Asked A Ranger? The Sibuya Game Reserve In South Africa Was Full Of Surprises!

Sibuya Game Reserve

Imagine yourself standing on the edge of a vast, verdant expanse, where the Kariega River gently meanders through the heart of South Africa’s Eastern Cape. The air is alive with the symphony of nature, a chorus of birdsong, the rustling of leaves, and the distant call of an elephant. This …

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The Enchanting Khomani Cultural Landscape: Through the Sands of Time

Who Are The Khomani San Of South Africa

The Khomani Cultural Landscape is a Heritage site that is significant as it is the only indigenous San reserve in the world. This one-of-a-kind heritage site is situated in an extremely dry and harsh environment of the Kalahari desert. At first glance, it might look desolate and empty but it …

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Sunny Sodwana Bay National Park: Sand, Sea, Sharks, Snorkel, And Scuba Diving.

sodwana bay national park

Hey there, adventure seekers and beach bums! If you haven’t heard of it yet, allow me to introduce you to the hidden gem that is Sodwana Bay National Park. Nestled on the northeastern coast of South Africa, this coastal wonderland boasts breathtaking natural beauty and an array of marine life …

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What is a Rondavel – A Complete Guide to Traditional African Architecture

what is a rondavel

When you embark on a journey through the diverse landscapes and cultures of Africa, you’ll come across architectural gems that stand as symbols of tradition, history, and unique design. One such architectural wonder is the rondavel, a round structure deeply rooted in African heritage and still celebrated today. As we …

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