The Charming Avoca River Cabins Near Addo Elephant National Park – A Personal Review!

I’m going to take you on a trip down memory lane, to a time when I discovered a little slice of paradise called Avoca River Cabins. Nestled in the tranquil Sundays River Valley in Addo, South Africa, this haven is not just a stay; it’s a sensory experience interwoven with the sweet scent of citrus blossoming from the nearby farms.

You’re going to find out about the rustic charm that Avoca River Cabins exude, where the serenity of nature is punctuated only by the chirping of birds and the gentle flow of the Sundays River.

In my opinion, first impressions matter, and Avoca River Cabins made a delightful one. Right off the R336, the scenic drive leading up to the cabins promised a retreat that was both accessible and away from the flurry of daily life. The welcoming sight of quaint lodgings set against the vibrant backdrop of South Africa’s natural beauty was enough to tell us we’d made the right choice.

Choose something that resonates with you, and for us, it was the promise of tranquil moments by the meandering river, the opportunity to meander through rows of burgeoning citrus trees, and the anticipation of cozy nights in authentically styled cabins.

The Essence of Accommodation: Avoca River Cabins Reviewed

5 stars

It is very unusual for me to review accommodation on my blog which is this expanded, but from the moment we arrived, the unique charm of being surrounded by lush citrus farms was palpable. The sweet fragrance of lemons filled the air, offering a natural form of aromatherapy that you can’t find in the city.

The garden was fantastic with all the spring flowers and the nearby Sundays river, creating an incredible atmosphere.

In my video below, you can see a few fragments of the surroundings, the swimming pool near the restaurant, and all the pretty flowers and plants.

The cabins themselves are thoughtfully designed to provide comfort while blending into the rustic surroundings, giving you a sense of seclusion and harmony with nature.

I just loved the big shower and how clean and tidy the cabin was, yet spacious for just the 2 of us. There are cottages, houses, chalets and even a treetops cottage, and most of them come with private patios or verandas and the domain has not one but 2 swimming pools!

Check out more details and prices of Avoca River Cabins accommodation here.

For those interested in the specifics: the cabins come equipped with all the necessities you might need. From my personal experience, the beds are comfortable, the living areas are cozy, and the kitchens are sufficiently outfitted for a self-catering stay.

But self-catering isn’t really necessary, because you can just ask for an expanded English or continental breakfast, and dinner is fantastic as well.

If there is one thing that I need to say “negative” about this accommodation, I would say that the WIFI wasn’t that good, but who cares about that while you are on holiday in Africa? I don’t! 🙂

In the next video below, I am taking you on a small tour around one of the smallest cabins where we stayed, while their are other types of cabins and larger ones on this domain.

When it comes to the service, I’m inclined to say that it reflects the overall ambiance of the region—warm, inviting, and laid-back. The staff at Avoca River Cabins were always helpful, offering tips on how to make the most of my stay and where to go for our best experiences in the region, like Addo Elephant Park, of course!

And helpful they were, into detail, making sure we didn’t miss anything or had any “discomfort” at all, which we didn’t! ( we had breakfast as well as dinner in the restaurant ).

I’ll be diving into more details about the activities and nearby attractions shortly, but for now, I want to leave you with this: Avoca River Cabins provide more than just shelter; they offer an authentic Addo experience that resonates with the soul. Stay tuned as we explore the geographical heartbeat of the area in the next section.

Check out more details and prices of Avoca River Cabins accommodation here.


Navigating to Nature’s Niche: Avoca River Cabbins’ Location Decoded

Click on the map below to see a full map of Addo Elephant Park and its surrounding accommodations.

I’m going to walk you through Avoca River Cabins’ location, as it’s quite the gem nestled in the South African landscape. Situated off the R336, the cabins lie in the heart of the Sundays River Valley in Addo, a mere stone’s throw from lush citrus groves that sweep the region with vibrant hues and sweet fragrances.

You’re going to find out about the cabins’ strategic proximity to an array of natural wonders. Just a short drive away, you have the world-renowned Addo Elephant National Park, where the majestic giants roam freely, and it’s about 20 km from the cabins.

This park is not only about elephants; it also offers a sanctuary to a plethora of wildlife, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts.

addo elephant park baby elephant
Addo Elephants

This isn’t just about the proximity to wildlife; it’s also about the ease of exploring the Eastern Cape. Whether you’re coming from Port Elizabeth, which is less than an hour’s drive away (about 75 km), or journeying along the famous Garden Route, Avoca River Cabins serves as a perfect base for your adventures.

The accessibility to major roads ensures a hassle-free journey to this tranquil retreat, which is about 40 km from Colchester.

View at the Sundays river valley:

Choose something that resonates with you, whether that’s being enveloped in nature’s embrace or embarking on wildlife safaris, because Avoca River Cabins puts you in the perfect spot to indulge in both.

Or you might even get lucky and spot “Timon” right beside your cabins while you are taking a break! 🙂

Start saving your ideas

Adventures Around Avoca River Cabins: Tourist Things to Do

If you think the serenity of Avoca River Cabins is all there is to enjoy, guess what? You’re in for a treat. The Sundays River Valley and Addo region are bustling with activities that can keep any traveler excited. Throughout my stay, I discovered a plethora of things to do that cater to all kinds of interests.

  • Let’s again start with the Addo Elephant National Park, a mere stone’s throw away, which is a haven for not just elephants but a range of wildlife. Trust me, taking a guided safari here is a must-do. You might just spot the Big 5!

  • Not so well known as Addo Elephant Park, is Schotia game reserve. This reserve was interesting to see, because it was the first time that we saw a private reserve like this, with a working farm still in the middle of it.
    This reserve is about one hour drive from the Avoca River cabins.
schotia private game reserve

  • I was captivated by the unique opportunity to sandboard on the dunes of the Sundays River valley. It’s not every day you can say you’ve surfed on sand! For those who fancy water over land, canoeing down the Sundays River offers a refreshing and up-close glimpse into the region’s natural beauty.

  • If you’re anything like me and enjoy a dash of culture with your travel, the nearby Zuurberg mountain range is home to historic sites and paths that lead you through stories from times gone by. The quaint town of Kirkwood, with its yearly citrus festival, offers a slice of local flavor and hospitality.

  • Make sure to leave some room in your itinerary for the Daniell Cheetah Project, where conservation education and the chance to meet these graceful creatures will leave a lasting impression.

Don’t worry too much about booking these in advance; local tour operators are exceptionally welcoming and can assist with last-minute plans.

And if you are staying at Avoca River Cabins, they can help you with safaris and others as well and make reservations for you, so handy!

Views from Avoca Rivers Cabin

Now, let’s transition to our next exploration: what other accommodations are available around this region?

Exploring Alternatives: Accommodations in Addo

Now that you’ve got a taste for the unique Avoca River Cabins experience, you might be curious about other places where you can hang your hat in the Addo area. Truth is, there’s quite a range out there, and I’m here to help you with a snapshot of choices.

While Avoca makes its mark with its riverside charm and citrus-scented air, other accommodations offer their own flavor. From luxury lodges that spill extravagance to cozy bed and breakfasts where you’ll meet locals with stories as rich as the land, every place has a character.

Avoca River smallest cabins

I’ve put together a list of some noteworthy spots that you might want to consider:

Klein Plekkie Self-Catering Accommodation: Offering breathtaking views of the lake

Harmony Luxury Tents & Safari: fantastic stay right in the wilderness of Addo

Silos Guesthouse: a beautiful domain and guesthouse with warm and welcoming hosts.

River Bend Lodge: world-class service and luxury magnificent accommodation

Happy Lands Farmstay: this is another citrus farm much like Avoca River Cabins

And more..

Choose something that resonates with you, keeping in mind travel convenience, budget, and the type of experience you’re aiming for. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or a family adventure, each spot holds the promise of creating lifelong memories.

My Final Conclusion.

I hope that you find my review about the Avoca River Cabins near Addo Elephant Park in South-Africa interesting and informative, but if you have any more questions about this accommodation, please feel free to ask them down below in the comment section!

You can also join my social media channels below, and I now have a Youtube channel as well 🙂

I wish you happy travels!

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4 thoughts on “The Charming Avoca River Cabins Near Addo Elephant National Park – A Personal Review!”

  1. The Avoca River Cabins seem to epitomize a tranquil getaway, harmoniously blending rustic charm with the natural beauty of Addo’s landscape. The variety in accommodation styles, from cottages to treetop cabins, underscores a thoughtfulness in design, catering to diverse preferences. 

    Particularly appealing is the emphasis on nature and serenity, away from the bustle of city life, yet with modern comforts like cozy living areas and well-equipped kitchens. This balance of rustic simplicity and comfort makes it an ideal retreat for those seeking both relaxation and adventure in nature.

    Your post mentions various activities around the cabins, like wildlife safaris and sandboarding. 

    Regarding dining options, you mentioned the availability of an English or continental breakfast and fantastic dinner at the cabins. Are there local delicacies or traditional South African dishes that guests should try during their stay?

    • Hi Sonia!

      Thanks for sharing your experience and views ! About the food at dinner, I honestly didn’t think about taking pictures of our food, so I don’t really remember exactly what we ate there, but I do remember it was a kind of impala that we ate. So it was meat. And as dessert, I am sure it was something with lemons, as we stayed near the citrus farms haha! 

      I’m sure that if you asked for something traditional, they would take that into consideration, they were very helpful!

      I wish you happy travels!


  2. Hi Lizzy! Your vivid description of Avoca River Cabins paints a charming picture of a tranquil retreat surrounded by nature’s beauty. The immersive experience with the citrus farms and the aromatic air sounds delightful. I appreciate your detailed review, especially highlighting the unique design of the cabins and the cozy atmosphere. It’s fantastic that the staff’s warmth and helpfulness added to the overall ambiance. As someone planning a visit, I’m curious about the nearby activities you mentioned. Which one was your favorite, and do you have any must-try recommendations? Looking forward to more insights! Happy travels! 🌍✨

    • hello Hanna!

      Thanks so much for the wonderful comment and about your question: I most of all loved Addo Elephant Park, although Schotia Game Reserve was interesting and we saw lions there for the first time;-)

      But I am pretty crazy about elephants, so yeah, Addo park it is haha!

      Happy travels to you too!



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