The Top 11 Tropical African Islands For Your Next Vacation

Whenever we try planning a trip to Africa, the itinerary usually includes a safari tour to Maasai Mara or a night out in Cape Town but it doesn’t have to be like this. This is because there are amazing tropical African islands that nobody tells you about (they are very exotic, indeed).

These islands offer a unique collection of compelling beaches, amazing flora and fauna, and breathtaking scenery.

So, if you want to sip on some tropical beverage while soaking in the sun and take a dip in the water, we are shedding light on these tropical African islands that are ready to be explored!

Beware that I will dive much deeper into all of these in future blog posts!

1. The Cape Verde Islands

We all have heard about Cape Town but little do you know that Cape Verde Islands is a charming island that deserves all your attention. The island is located on the west coast of Africa and is one of the trendiest islands out there. What’s even more interesting is that it’s a beautiful island mentioned in the African archipelago. Cape Verde Islands is perfect for people who want to savour the essence of vibrant African culture.

It has white sandy beaches and has risen in popularity, given the convenience and accessibility. In addition, it is located in Santa Maria, a small town that’s adorned with pastel-coloured houses. Also, if you want to enjoy some more, there are live music events, bars, and restaurants. The best thing about this island is the energetic and radiant nightlife, and not to forget, it’s a perfect getaway for honeymooners.

2. São Tomé And Príncipe

São Tomé is one of the most prominent and largest islands of São Tomé and Príncipe, and many residents are fluent in the Portuguese language. It is located off the west coast and is popular for a variety of adventurous sports. For instance, if you would like to treat yourself with an adrenaline rush, you can take a dip in the Indian Ocean or sign up for snorkelling.

On top of everything, you must explore the sleepy and quaint village of local fishermen and treat your eyes with some bird-watching. Even more, this island has some of the best chocolates and coffees out there. Having said that, if you are in search of a fresh environment and amazing new horizons, this island must be on your itinerary.

sao tome and principe

3. The Comoros

To begin with, this is an off-beat destination that’s resting on the east coast of Africa, and it’s a must-visit if you are looking for tranquillity and peace. Comoros boasts a fine combination of pristine beaches, vibrant rainforests, reefs for snorkelling enthusiasts, and an ultimate blend of Arabian and Swahili culture. There are three islands in Comoros and Mwali is the smallest one and is the least crowded. Moreover, there is a national park that reflects the freshness and pureness of the islands.


4. Madagascar

We are sure you’ve watched Madagascar, the cartoon series, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s the largest island of the African islands. It has managed to attract thousands of visitors from around the globe and has a unique blend of flora and fauna.

The most interesting fact is that 90% of this island’s wildlife cannot be found anywhere else in the world. All in all, it’s an exotic island with fine-dining restaurants and brand shops for your eating and shopping, respectively.

Have a look at this fun Youtube video of Madagascar to give you an idea of the island:

5. Mauritius

If you want to enjoy the blend of different cultures, it’s time to treat yourself to a trip to Mauritius where Indian, European, and African cultures meet. The best thing about Mauritius is that it’s an apt option for honeymooners and you will find hundreds of beach resorts and mesmerizing shores out there. In addition, you can indulge in scuba diving and deep-sea fishing, and you will be able to see a variety of birds, plants, and mammal species.


6. The Seychelles

Seychelles is located at the east of Kenya and has over 115 paradise islands. The place boasts the smallest population and you will be able to enjoy the azure waters for diving and snorkelling, white sandy beaches, and unique wildlife (there are pelagic seabirds and giant tortoises out there!). On top of everything, the food is a must-try and offers a great blend of Asian, European, and African flavours. On top of everything, there are luxury resorts available for honeymoon couples and it’s safe to say that they can compete with the Caribbean and Mediterranean islands easily!

the seychelles

7. Tunisia Island

Situated off the South Tunisia coast, Tunisia Island is a promising island if you like the sandy beaches and a plethora of sports activities. In addition, there are great dining options available. Tunisia Island looks animated and straight out of movies while sporting the unique traditions and culture of Djerba.

tunisia island

8. Seal Island

If you are fond of marine life, Seal Island is an apt choice and you will be able to soak in the beauty of this mesmerizing seascape. It has crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean while the beaches sport the perfect golden beaches. It’s needless to say that Seal Island has a lot of cape fur seals and it’s nothing less a fascinating dream to be here.

Now, while you can’t “stay” on this island, you can surely visit it, as this short amateur video can show you: 🙂

9. Zanzibar

To begin with, this is the largest African island and is situated off the Tanzanian coast and it truly shows the African beauty. This island actually has a unique culture since it’s influenced by the Arab, Indian, and African cultures. As far as the island is concerned, you need to check out Mnemba Island for its stunning and white sandy beach.

I have written extensively about Zanzibar before and all the 28 places that you can visit or things that you can do on this island!

10. Lamu Island

Lamu Island is located in the Lamu Archipelago and is popular in the old town. The town is known for the mangrove timber, coral stone, and houses are curated with carved wooden doors, verandas, and courtyards that look nothing but a fairytale. The best thing about Lamu Island is that there are no roads or vehicles, so you are free to roam around and enjoy most of your vacation.

lamu island

11. Mafia Island.

Are you looking for a holiday where you can be active? Would you like to snorkel and dive at one of the most beautiful diving locations in the world? Then Mafia island is thé place to be because it is located in the largest and most protected nature reserve in Eastern Africa. You can even snorkel with whale sharks there.

My Final Conclusion.

To summarize, the tropical African islands can be extremely beautiful and it’s a shame that they aren’t common. But hey, now you know about it, so when are you hitting the airport?

If you have any questions about these tropical African islands or would you like to chat about anything concerning Africa, please leave a message below or join me on my social media channels below, or Facebook group and chat away!

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  1. Hey great article!

    Certainly has gotten me in the mood to travel again, when it is safe to do so! These places look gorgeous, each of them having their own unique scenery to enjoy, I’d definitely love to take a trip down to there! I haven’t been Africa before but it’s on my list of places I would like to travel to with cape town on their and now these islands!

  2. Hi Lizzy,

    Thanks for researching and sharing the pictures and information about these beautiful islands. I’m really into nature so Madagascar (with its unique animal residents) and Seal Island are definitely top of my list of “must see” islands but would you particularly recommend any of the other islands from the list for a nature/animal type experience. 

    As an aside, going on a safari is definitely an ambition of mine and I’ve just seen the link to your post about “What to pack on safari” – I’m intrigued to find out what I should take if I ever get to go!



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