Where Are The Victoria Falls Located? My Experiences With The Magic Of Africa’s Most Famous Waterfall !

The Victoria Falls are located between Zambia and Zimbabwe and form a natural border through these countries and are a key part of the local culture, history, and economy.

I’m thrilled to tell you about Victoria Falls, a spectacle of nature that has drawn travelers from all corners of the globe. Widely known as ‘The Smoke that Thunders‘, this magnificent waterfall has fascinated everyone from adventurers to poets with its sheer power and beauty.

You’re going to find out about the vastness of the waterfall itself, and what truly makes it unique compared to other grand waterfalls around the world. Not just that, but we’ll also explore the myriad of activities available—from the adrenaline-fueled to the serene—and the practicalities of visiting, such as costs and accommodations.

Keep reading, because I have visited these falls myself by overlanding towards them and it was the most amazing natural wonder of the world that I ever witnessed in my lifetime!


So first: Where are the Victoria Falls Located? Including a map!

The colossal Victoria Waterfall, by the way it is a World Heritage site, lies almost midway along the Zambezi River, which serves as a natural border between Zambia to the north and Zimbabwe to the south. To put it simply, you can witness the majesty of the falls from either country, each offering a unique viewpoint.

On the map, Victoria Falls is situated at approximately 17.9243 S, 25.8572 E, in the province of Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe, and the district of Livingstone in Zambia. As you’re looking at the falls, the eastern cataract and the majority of the frontage are in Zambia, while the longer and arguably more dramatic section known as the Main Falls lies in Zimbabwe.

This geographical arrangement has created two distinct visitor experiences. For your convenience, I’ve included a detailed map below to help you visualize exactly where these magnificent falls are and how they’re shared between the two countries.

Exploring the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe – Entrance fees.

Entry fees are a part of the adventure, and they normally range depending on your nationality, with different rates for locals, children, and international tourists. Keep in mind that these fees can also vary from year to year, so always check the latest information before you go.

CategoryFee (USD)
International Visitors50
SADC Citizens30
Zimbabwean Residents10
Children Under 5Free

When you arrive at the falls, you’re going to find out that the Zimbabwean side boasts around two-thirds of the viewpoints of the falls. This is a big plus, allowing for some impressive panoramic sights.

You’ve got the flexibility here: roam by yourself or opt for a guided tour. If you value having someone to explain the rich history and geology of the falls, a guide is a great choice.

The viewpoints, including the Main Falls, are well laid out and offer fantastic vistas across the chasm. The roaring sound and the mist that rises to the heavens are unforgettable.

And don’t worry too much about the timing; the falls are generally flowing all year round on this side, but the view can change dramatically between the wet and dry seasons, offering unique experiences.

Accessibility is another point to consider. The pathways and viewing points on the Zimbabwean side are well-maintained, making it possible for a wider range of people to savor the experience. Prepare to get a little wet from the mist, especially during peak flow!

Thrilling Activities Around Victoria Falls

You might think gazing upon the misty splendor of Victoria Falls would be the pinnacle of your experience, but there’s a whole world of adventure waiting just beyond those cascading waters. From adrenaline-fueled escapades to serene river outings, the activities surrounding Victoria Falls are as diverse as they are thrilling.

White water rafting the Zambezi.

For the thrill-seekers, white water rafting down the Zambezi River offers a heart-pounding journey through one of the world’s most formidable rapids. Expert guides pilot you through the Batoka Gorge, navigating a series of waves and whirlpools that will leave you breathless, in the best way possible.


Look for a rafting tour organization here.

Enjoy a Canoe safari above the falls.

If you’re after a tamer river experience, you can always opt for a canoe safari. It’s a chance to drift above the falls, soaking in the tranquil scenes of natural beauty and wildlife along the Zambezi’s upper stretches.

But beware that there is always a chance of getting an adrenaline rush from canoeing between the hippos, as I have experienced! The canoe guides seemed also worried, I still remember that now haha! Because they can just “flip” your canoe over like that, and then, well, end of the line folks!

But there is something about viewing the wildlife from the river that warms the heart for sure: elephants, impalas, crocodiles, leopards, buffalo and so much more, quite peaceful!

Have a guided canoe tour on the upper side of the Victorian Falls

Wining and dining on the Zambezi River.

Imagine dining with the sunset painting the sky above the calm Zambezi, just upstream from the roar of Victoria Falls. It’s an experience offered by numerous riverfront lodges and restaurants, where the menu ranges from local delights to international cuisine, all savored against the backdrop of one of Africa’s greatest rivers.

But did you know that you can do this right there ON the Zambezi as well, with a cruise?

Take a dining cruise on the Zambezi River here.

The flight of Angels above the Victorian Falls!

If your appetite for adventure extends to the sky, consider booking a helicopter flight. Often termed the “Flight of Angels,” this aerial tour gives you a bird’s eye view of the falls, the gorges, and the meandering river below. For an even more open-air experience, microlight flights are available, where you’re essentially hang-gliding over the breathtaking landscape.

Fly over the Victoria Falls in a helicopter, find out information here!

I have done both, the helicopter as well as the microlight(I’m not so afraid of flying instead of white water rafting lol), and for me, the microlight was the most thrilling experience.

Flying in a microlight over Victoria Falls, check out the possibilities here.

Bungee jumping for an extreme and short adrenaline rush!

Lastly, let’s not forget the iconic bungee jump from the Victoria Falls Bridge. Connecting Zambia and Zimbabwe, the bridge sits 111 meters above the river. Jumping into the void with the waterfall in your peripheral view is an unforgettable adrenaline spike.

Take an exciting jump from the bridge over the Zambezi, check out more info here.

Visit the Dr. Livingstone statue, I presume?

David Livingstone, a famous Scottish explorer and missionary, around the world, has a statue that stands overlooking the magnificent cascade. It has been a subject of controversy in recent years, with some calling for its removal due to Livingstone’s colonial legacy.

The David Livingstone statue is located on the Zimbabwean side of Victoria Falls, within the Victoria Falls National Park.

Go swimming in the Devil’s Pool above the falls- Thrilling Dip or Risky Business?

Victoria Falls boasts the Devil’s Pool, a naturally formed rock pool allowing visitors to swim precariously close to the cascading waters. Accessible only during low water season (mid-August to mid-January), it offers a thrilling experience with a breathtaking view.

However, the activity faces controversy due to safety concerns and potential disruption to the environment and local culture.

Victoria Falls National Park

While Victoria Falls National Park isn’t a dedicated wildlife sanctuary like some other African parks, it still offers visitors the opportunity to encounter a surprising variety of animals in their natural habitat. Here’s a closer look:

Wildlife Encounters in Victoria Falls National Park:

  • Large Mammals: Although not as abundant as in other safari destinations, you might spot elephants, buffaloes, and even giraffes and zebras grazing in the park’s grasslands.
  • Riverine Animals: The Zambezi River attracts hippos and crocodiles, which can be seen basking on the riverbanks or lurking in the water.
  • Antelopes: Several antelope species like impalas, bushbucks, and kudus roam the park’s diverse terrain.
  • Primates: Keep an eye out for baboons and vervet monkeys swinging through the trees or foraging for food.
  • Birdlife: The park boasts over 400 bird species, making it a haven for birdwatchers. Look for colorful birds like weavers, hornbills, and eagles soaring through the skies.

Wildlife Viewing vs. Safaris:

  • Guided Walking Safaris: The park offers guided walking safaris, led by experienced professionals, allowing you to explore the park’s diverse habitats and get closer to the wildlife on foot. This is a fantastic way to learn about the local fauna and flora in an intimate setting.
  • Game Drives: While Victoria Falls National Park doesn’t offer traditional jeep safaris like larger game reserves, some tour operators provide sunset/sunrise drives within the park boundaries. These offer opportunities to spot animals active during these specific times.

After such exhilarating pursuits, you might be asking, ‘Where can I relax and recharge?’ Don’t worry, the next section has you covered with information on accommodations that provide the perfect environment to unwind after a day full of adventure.

Accommodations Close to Victoria Falls

When you’re planning your trip to Victoria Falls, choosing the right accommodation is key to enhancing your experience. Thankfully, there’s a wide range of options available, catering to different tastes and budgets, from lavish five-star lodges to economical guesthouses, boutique lodges tented camps, and more.

Start saving your ideas

For travelers on a budget, there are several mid-range hotels and guesthouses that offer comfortable stays without breaking the bank.

Booking your accommodation well in advance is advisable, particularly during the peak tourist seasons from June to August and over the December holidays.

Some popular accommodations around the victoria falls are:


At The Victoria Falls Waterfront: Tsowa Safari Island

Tsowa Safari Island Review


  • Located in the 56,000-hectare Zambezi National Park.
  • 1.5 km long and 400 meters wide.
  • Surrounded by lush forests.


  • Tents have en-suite bathrooms with a shower and free toiletries.
  • Overlooks the river where you can spot wildlife like buffaloes, elephants, and various antelopes.
  • Tents are equipped with fans and mosquito nets.


  • The property is powered by solar energy.
  • Offers guests brunch, high tea, and dinner, which are included in the daily rate.
  • Has a restaurant, a shared lounge, and a bar.

Included Activities:

  • Guided game walks.
  • Canoeing.
  • Forest walks.
  • Sunset river cruises.

Additional Information:

  • Transportation from Kasane or Victoria Falls Airport can be arranged for an additional fee.

Travel Sustainable Level 3:

  • This property has informed us that they are working hard and investing heavily in increased sustainability by taking steps that can impact the environment and society.
  • We have worked with experts such as Travalyst and Sustainalize on the Travel Sustainable program to make it easier for you to experience the world in a more sustainable way.


Tsowa Safari Island is a unique and sustainable safari experience offering guests the opportunity to connect with nature and witness the incredible wildlife of the Zambezi National Park. The lodge’s comfortable accommodations, delicious meals, and exciting activities make it an ideal choice for travelers seeking an authentic and unforgettable safari adventure.

Check it out here

The Victoria Falls Island and River Lodge


  • Situated in the Zambezi National Park, 13 km from Victoria Falls.
  • Overlooks the Zambezi River and is surrounded by lush flora.


  • Offers two unique types of accommodation: luxury tented suites and Island Treehouse Suites.
  • All accommodations are air-conditioned and feature private plunge pools with views of the river and bush.
  • The Island Treehouse Suites are perched above the Zambezi River on stilts.


  • Elegant and luxurious accommodations with private terraces, plunge pools, air conditioning, and four-poster beds with mosquito nets.
  • Each room also has a stocked minibar, coffee and tea facilities, and an en suite bathroom with a freestanding bath and indoor and outdoor showers.
  • Restaurant with views of the Zambezi River serving breakfast and a variety of South African-inspired dishes made with fresh, local ingredients.
  • Guests can enjoy a selection of South African wines with their meals.
  • Spa offering a range of treatments.
  • On-site activities include game drives, river cruises, and bird watching.

Distance to:

  • Victoria Falls Airport: 33 km
  • Victoria Falls Bridge: 14 km

Ideal for:

  • Couples (rated 9.8 by couples)


Victoria Falls River Lodge is a luxurious and unique lodge offering stunning views of the Zambezi River and abundant wildlife viewing opportunities. The lodge’s elegant accommodations, excellent service, and range of activities make it an ideal choice for couples seeking a romantic and unforgettable safari experience.

Check it out here.

Traveling to Victoria Falls

Getting to Victoria Falls is an adventure in itself. You’re going to find out about the various ways to reach this iconic landmark, irrespective of where you’re coming from.

  • The most direct route for international travelers is by air. Victoria Falls Airport in Zimbabwe and Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport in Zambia are the primary gateways. You’ll want to look for flights heading to these points. Once you land, you can either take a taxi or arrange a shuttle service to get to your final destination.
  • If you’re keen on a road trip, there are car rentals available at both airports. Just remember, both Zimbabwe and Zambia drive on the left, so make sure you’re comfortable with that before taking the wheel.

Driving to Victoria Falls from Zimbabwe:

  • Beitbridge Border Post: Take the A5 Highway towards Bulawayo, then the A7 towards Victoria Falls.
  • Chirundu Border Post: Follow the A4 Highway towards Harare, then the A7 towards Victoria Falls.

Driving to Victoria Falls from Zambia:

  • Kazungula Border Post: Take the M10 Road towards Livingstone.
  • Sesheke Border Post: Follow the A10 Road towards Livingstone.

Consider the border-crossing procedures if you’re traveling between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Visa requirements can vary, so check the latest travel advisories and documentation needed well in advance.

Some nationalities can purchase a ‘KAZA UniVisa’ which allows multiple entries between the two countries and day trips to Botswana.

Victoria Falls FAQs Answered

You’re going to find out about some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Victoria Falls right here. I know these questions pop up a lot, and I’m here to help you with the answers.

Is Victoria Falls the largest waterfall in the world?

Let’s clear up a common misconception: Victoria Falls isn’t the largest by width or height, but it is one of the largest, known for its astonishing sheet of falling water.

Which side of Victoria Falls is best visited?

If you want to decide whether it’s better to see Victoria Falls from Zambia or Zimbabwe, consider this: Zimbabwe has more viewing points, but Zambia offers unique perspectives like the Devil’s Pool.

Why is Victoria Falls so famous?

Besides its sheer size, it holds a special place in both local mythology and as a beacon for adventurous travelers, making its mark as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

How many waterfalls are in Victoria Falls?

It’s actually one colossal waterfall with multiple distinct points, including the Devil’s Cataract, Main Falls, Rainbow Falls, and the Eastern Cataract.

When are the falls dry?

Don’t worry too much about this. The falls never completely dry up, but water levels are at their lowest from October to early December.

So when is the best time of the year to visit them?

Choose something that resonates with you: If you prefer full and thunderous falls, visit from February to May. For activities like white-water rafting, later in the year would be better.

Is it a seven-wonder?

Victoria Falls can be considered a Seven Wonder, specifically in the context of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Conclusion: Embracing the Majesty of Victoria Falls

So, you’ve discovered where Victoria Falls thunders between Zambia and Zimbabwe and learned about the wealth of activities that lie in wait.

Choose something that resonates with you, whether it’s the adrenaline-pumping bungee jump off the bridge or a tranquil dinner on the banks of the Zambezi.

Your first attempt doesn’t need to be your last; Victoria Falls is a place that you might find yourself returning to, drawn by its beauty and the array of experiences on offer, and that is just what I will do one day, I do believe that.

That’s all folks, if you have any questions about the Victoria Falls or would like to add something to it, please feel free to leave it down below in the comment section or join me on my social media channels for more pictures/videos and stories about my travels to Africa.

I wish you happy travels!

Kind regards,


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