Tanzania Travel Requirements & What To Visit – The Ultimate Guide

If you want to conjure the majestic and quintessential image of Africa, our Tanzania travel requirements guide is all you need to book your flight to visit this heavenly place and enjoy the best out of it.

Ranging from the game reserves to mind-blowing national parks, Tanzania is home to some of the best places, and it has the premier spots for capturing the beauty of nature and wildlife. So, if you want to be fully prepared for your next summer trip, let’s check out the guide!

Where is Tanzania Located?

Tanzania is basically an east African country that borders the Indian Ocean for around 1424km. It is adjacent to Uganda and Kenya, while on the north, there is Congo, Burundi, and Rwanda. In the South, it borders Mozambique, Malawi, and Zambia.

To illustrate, it is located on the east coast of Africa and is termed as the 13th biggest country of Africa. For those who don’t know, it has dense savannah and mountainous terrain and has a rather mixed climate, depending on the area that you are staying in. The capital is Dodoma, but the largest city is Dar es Salaam

The coastline can get quite hot and humid with heavy rains, but the central plateau, however, is cooler and arid.

Click on the picture below to take you to the location of Tanzania on Google maps.

Wich Papers Are Needed To Travel To Tanzania?

Ah, here comes the most frustrating part of planning a trip unless you have roamed around the world and have all the documents ready to help you board a flight. However, as a part of the Tanzania travel requirements, we are sharing the must-have documents and papers to ensure a seamless trip to this amazing destination.

To begin with, you need at least one blank passport page, and the passport validity should be a minimum of six months. In addition to this, you must have a tourist visa. Once you have these documents, pack your bags and book a flight (such a sigh of relief on seeing such limited documents, right?).

Also, there are some currency restrictions with which you need to declare the international currency if it’s valued more than $10,000, both on exiting and entering.

Other Tanzania Travel Requirements: The Health Measures.

When it comes down to traveling to Tanzania, the documentation might be less, but you need to have certain (recommended or obliged) vaccinations to enter Tanzania, such as;


Beware of the mosquito’s in Africa!
  • DTP: Diphteria, Tetanus and polio
  • BMR: Measles-mumps-rubella
  • COVID-19
  • Hepatitis A vaccine for people aged over 40 and kids over one-year-old
  • Hepatitis B vaccine for everyone
  • Rabies vaccination if you intend on seeing the wildlife
  • Tuberculose

  • Yellow fever

Furthermore, I would advise a few things extra:

  • Do not, and I am serious about this and I repeat, do NOT, go swimming in fresh water. Why am I emphasizing this? Because you can have parasites in your body, like I had Schisozoma Mansoni. And that is not a pleasure, I can assure you! You can still swim in the sea and in desinfected swimming pools, don’t worry 😉
  • Be sure to take preventive medicin against malaria and take precautions like I wrote about in my blog post on “what to pack for a safari“.
  • Beware of traveler’s diarrhea

How To Get Around In Tanzania?

Ranging from flights to taxis and bicycles to taxis, there are tons of commute options available in Tanzania, which means you won’t have to cry at night because of leg cramps. So, are you ready to check out the commute options, then?

  • By Air

If you have to travel long distances, flying is the most convenient and efficient option. Also, it is better to book the flight in advance to get better prices, and do keep a time margin as the flights are often delayed. You need to keep checking with your airline a day before the flight and always have sufficient check-in time to make sure you don’t have to stand in the place (Tanzanian flights are often overbooked, so the sooner you arrive for check-in, the better).

  • By Bicycle

Cycling is one of the most fun ways of commuting in Tanzania and is a fine choice if you want to roam around the city, especially during the late afternoon and early morning. If you rent a bicycle, keep in mind to have some tube patches, spare tire, and spare inner tubes.

When on a bicycle, always try to cycle on the secondary roads but you cannot cycle in the wildlife reserves and national parks, so keep that in mind.

Have a look at this video where you can see what it’s like riding a bike in Tanzania:

  • By Bus

For the long-distance route, opt for ordinary or express buses. The express busses are suitable for people who don’t like a hassle because they make fewer stops and aren’t very crowded. On the other hand, ordinary busses are suitable for secondary routes, but they can be crowded. However, you always have the option of scheduling the seat in advance, and the prices are fixed (beware of the overcharging by locals, though).

  • By Train

Trains are one of the safest choices for connecting to Kigoma and Mwanza. In addition, there is a train system that runs from the southwest to Zambia. However, the trains are notorious for being late and having delays. So, whenever you travel by train, do have a local SIM for getting emergency services.

What To Visit In Tanzania?

Honestly, Tanzania deserves to be explored, and there is just so much to see – literally every corner. Some of the places to visit in Tanzania include the following;

Mount Kilimanjaro

This is the highest peak in Africa and holds the most iconic value. In addition, it has a national park and is located in northern Tanzania. This place is not for seeing wildlife, but there are snow-capped mountains, which is why it’s best to visit it during the dry season, ranging from late June to the month of October.

This mountain originates from the farmlands to alpine meadows and rainforests and spikes up to the barren lunar landscapes. The rainforests are home to elands, elephants, buffaloes, monkeys, and leopards. On the other hand, if you are a fan of bird-watching, an alpine zone is the best option.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Serengeti National Park

This place is an absolute treat for people who want to see some wildlife because of the wide-scale treeless terrain, which has literally millions of animals. The park is popular for the annual wildebeest migration, and more than 500 bird species are seen here. If you want to see the best of the wildlife, it is suggested to visit this park during June and September.

Zanzibar and its beaches.

Also known as Unguja, these beaches have become the ultimate holiday destination and houses some of the most majestic beaches. For the most part, there is clear and shallow water while soft white sand snuggles the feet. Also, along the shore, you will be able to find some boats for getting into the water, but the ports can be crowded, so be prepared for that.

Furthermore, there are about 28 things that you can do in Zanzibar!


Mafia Island

Mafia Island is the ultimate destination for snorkelers and divers, which is why it’s best to visit during October and March. In addition, there is a marine park that’s loaded with abundant fish variety, coral gardens, and a seamless diving atmosphere. Also, there are countless birds and more than 400 fish species. On top of everything, it’s an apt breeding place for green turtles.

This island is just one of the many tropical islands around Africa, they are really big pieces of paradise, wouldn’t you agree?

Other National Parks.

Besides the Serengeti National Park, I have also written about 2, lesser-known, national parks in Tanzania: Lake Manyara and Ruaha National Park. Each of these has its own charms and there is so much more to talk about in future blog posts!

Visit The Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

The Ngorongoro crater was one of the most impressive things of nature that I have ever seen!

When you descent down this world’s largest and intact crater, you feel like you must be in the garden of Eden 🙂 . This is surely worth a separate blog post and I promise to write about this asap because I have some fantastic memories about this place for sure!

Take a look at this video of a tour in this terrific crater:

Make A Citytrip To Dar Es Salaam.

Dar Es Salaam has a lot of assets worth visiting for tourists. Although it is a bit short on ‘typical’ things for travelers, it is nice to stroll around the harbor, the busy fish market and The Lutheran Church and St. Joseph Cathedral are notable structures on the waterfront.

The city also has a worthwhile museum and its architecture is an interesting mix of Swahili, German, Asian, and British influences.

If you want to get away from the busy city, why not have a day trip to beautiful Mbudya or Bongoyo Island to relax on their white-sand shores.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Tanzania?

The best time to visit this heavenly country is the long dry season, which starts from July to September. This is because these months are perfect for safaris, beach holidays, and trekking.

However, these are also the peak travel season, so you can expect to pay high rates at lodges and hotels. On the other hand, if you are fond of secluded experiences, you can visit during October and December.

What To Do In Tanzania?

Scuba Diving

Unless you are scared of water, there is nothing better than scuba diving on Zanzibar Island. Also, it is better to go scuba diving 800m off the Kendwa Reef coast.

Check Out Stone Town

Sure, Tanzania is famous for its beaches and National Parks, but roaming around Stone Town should be an interesting part of your travel itinerary. In fact, you can also purchase some traditional spices and check out the old fort.

Marvel The Rift Valley

Ranging from Lebanon to Mozambique, this Rift Valley should be a great option. This is because it’s a massive valley and you will find great diversity.

Check Out Iraqw Valley

Located near Karatu town, this place is a great place to learn about Tanzanian life, language, and customs. In fact, the tribe rises from Ethiopia and is incredibly friendly towards the tourists.

Balloon Safari

If you can manage to spend some extra bucks, there is nothing better than absorbing the beauty of Serengeti Plains through a hot air balloon ride. In fact, some balloons also have breakfast and champagnes to kick off this air safari.

The Wildlife Of Tanzania

Now that we have shared so many Tanzania travel requirements and the best places to visit, it’s only fair to learn about the amazing wildlife this African country has to offer. There are some native animals, including wildebeests, cheetahs, ostriches, gazelles, lions, giraffes, and elephants. In fact, it has the largest count of predatory animals, including big cats, leopards, hyenas, and jackals.

A giraffe in front of the Kilimanjaro

As far as the reptiles are concerned, there are crocodiles and lizards out there, so be careful there!

To illustrate, Tanzania has over 60,000 species of insects, 100 species of snakes, 1112 species of birds, 430 species of mammals, and hundreds of amphibians, reptiles, and fish. Also, for expanding your general knowledge, let us tell you that Tanzania has termed the giraffe as the national animal.

My Final Conclusion.

The bottom line is that Tanzania is a diverse place, ranging from beaches to stone walks and rainforests to mountains – there is everything you need to fulfill your dream holiday!

I hope that I have informed you completely of the Tanzania travel requirements and what you can do on your visit to this beautiful country.

If you have any questions, or just would like to chat with me, please leave a comment below or join me on my social media pages.

Happy travels!

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